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ETCS Traffic Signal Control System

ETCS? traffic signal control system can keep real-time communication with the controller through multiple networking methods to realize perceiving the traffic situation of intersections and controlling the outfield equipments. The main control modes include self-adaptive optimal control, dynamic area coordinated control, inductive control, overflow control,guard duty control, bus priority control and so on. Besides, the system can exchange data with platform systems like the internet and integrated control to complete coordinated optimal control.                   

ETCS?traffic signal control system lays emphasis on promoting the traffic capacity of roads and remitting the current situation of traffic congestion in cities. While promoting big data application and intelligent control, the system is also laying its emphasis on usability of the system to promote the users’ experience.        


System Structures

The whole system adopts C/S structure. Traffic control is to be realized based on Windows platform . The structure is as the follows:   

方案配圖1 8-20.jpg


Physical Structures

方案配圖2 8-20.jpg


System Functions

Ageot? area green signal efficiency optimization technology fuses and maps AI(artificial intelligence) of traffic signal timing and optimization model of delay minimization into area green signal optimization model based on virtual detection, logical operation and full IOT(the internet of things). The technology has realized the unification of different results. Used in actual control, it can effectively reduce driving delay and improve traffic service level.    

System Features

Can complete flow equilibrium control between wide areas, between and in sub-intervals, and of self-adaptive and coordinated control at intersections ;     

Can automatically match multiple kinds of control parameters, realizing hierarchy coordinated optimization control of background and intersection and mixed control of exit congestion;   

Through virtual detection and logical operation, can realize self-adaptive control of multi-mode mixed intersections, multi-lane merging, variable lane, tidal flow lane and waiting-area;     

Can realize full IoT(the internet of things) and intelligent operation and maintenance of outfield equipments through HiPLC(High-speed Power Line Communications) technology;


System Applicability 

-Apply to urban traffic of different groups and roads;

-Apply to intersections with complicated traffic data or without accuracy detection. The system with high stability and fault tolerance control can well realize real-time performance and stability of system control;      

-Two editions of client software: express edition ( general simple application) applying to different operating personnel and professional edition( special technicians);  

Express Edition--Meeting general simple application configuration.

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Professional Edition-Technicians’ accuracy control and management to intersections.  

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